Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Stock Market is the Worst in 80 Years

The stock market is going crazy. What am I doing about it? Standing strong and adding to my positions.

From CrossingWallStreet.com - The Worst Decade since the 1930s.

Bespoke points out that this decade has been one of the worst in history for stock returns:

Unless we get a major rally to close out the year (15%+), this will only be the third time since 1900 that the Dow Jones posted negative returns in the first nine years of a decade (excluding dividends).
I am adding to some of my positions and have put about 20% more money in the market, than I had previously, in the last few weeks. The US is in trouble, banks are failing, there is not very much credit available. People are scared and pulling their money out.

A bear market doesn't come around very often and this has been a big one so far. Big enough to be compared to the crash in the 1930s. I keep buying, my emotions are turned off and I am buying great companies on the cheap. The stocks I own are pretty risky but have solid balance sheets. They can hold on for a while and if and when we come out of this I hope to make a bundle. I am still young and can afford to lose some if it doesn't work out. I am not financing my investments by debt or by betting payments that I owe and have a cash reserve to cover me for a while in case things get really bad.

"Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy". - W. Buffett

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