Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10 Traits of a Successful Human Being

Taken from "10 Traits of az Successful Human Being" on Pick the Brain.

1. An Independent Nature

If we rely too much on those around us for assistance and/or support we will be setting ourselves up for disappointment in the future. This is not to say that we shouldn’t look to others for help when the time is right, but crafting our pursuits in such a way that requires the intervention of another is like handing over the keys and getting in the back seat. Our friends and colleagues may help open the doors of opportunity, but it is our own responsibility to take the wheel.

2. Self Confidence

Every decision we make in life will have some kind of effect on future outcomes. If our choices our filtered through fear and doubt, we can be assured of the life we are trying to avoid. Trust your instincts and listen to your heart. When you make a mistake, don’t look at it as reason for doubt, but instead, realize the opportunity for wisdom as you continue to push ahead.

3. Persistence

It’s been 5 years since I started my consulting business. 5 years of long hours and hard work. Many times did I consider throwing in the towel when things didn’t go my way. But every year that’s gone by, every road block I’ve pushed through, my business has grown as my resolve to make it a success has strengthened. Persistence is not an optional trait for those who desire success, but an essential attitude that must be embraced!

4. A Big Imagination

When I think of some of the greatest ‘achievers’ in American history I see great innovators and people of purpose. Names like Henry Ford, Walt Disney and Bill Gates come to mind. From cars to cartoons to computers, their personalities were as diverse as their pursuits. But one thing they share is the wonderful ability to see what’s not yet visible to the naked eye. It was the imagination of Henry Ford that first painted the picture of a car in every garage, and Bill Gates, a computer in every home. And it was Walt Disney who continues to inspire millions with the idea that ‘anything is possible’.

Those with inevitable success can see the unseen. They’ve become successful in their minds before they laid their first brick.

5. A Thick Skin

I’m a people pleaser at heart and can be devastated by disappointment. But as a necessity in business, I’ve grown a thick skin that allows me to deflect defeat while maintaining my focus. Whether in corporate conflict or the liabilities of life, it is those with a strong armor who will maintain their momentum.

6. Clarity Of Self Understanding

If you don’t know who you are, you will never truly know what you’re capable of. It is in our daily pursuits that we need accurate information on our strengths and weaknesses to succeed. Because being blind sided by your own inability or missing out on your true talents will bring nothing more than failure and frustration.

7. Clarity Of Intent

Continuing with the analogy of Ford, Disney and Gates, we can see three individuals with very clear intentions. No one ever questioned Ford’s intentions of filling the roads with his Model T’s. Disney was never far from his pursuits of capturing our imaginations. And even when no one believed in his dream of populating every home with a PC, there was never a question of Gates greatest goal.

8. Focus

There’s a lot of talk about multi-tasking and single tasking when it comes to getting things done. But however you go about accomplishing your goals, focus must be at the core of your character. Successful people have the knack for deflecting distraction and keeping their nose to the grindstone. It is our drive that pushes us forward and keeps our momentum, but without focus we will just be moving for the sake of motion.

9. Optimism

Many of the traits mentioned thus far would not be possible without this key ingredient. Without being able to constantly see the cup as half full, we would never be able to stay focused. Being blind to that silver lining would paralyze our persistence. So it is absolutely crucial that our minds maintain a positive outlook on life and never give in to the destruction of defeat. Optimism is at the heart of a successful human being!

10. Passion

Success can be obtained by many, but maintaining the drive to reach our goals requires a passion for pursuit and a lust for life. We can create a to-do list and set our goals with the best of them, but without this necessary habitual hunger, we will most certainly fail to bring to the table the results we imagined.

All ten of these traits are very important in being a good person, being liked by others, and being successful at anything you do.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


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Focus (definition):
  • concentrate: direct one's attention on something;
  • maximum clarity or distinctness of an idea; "the controversy brought clearly into focus an important difference of opinion"
The Most Important Ingredient to Success

When asked what the most important thing that led to their success, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates replied "focus".

I have always been told to do well on everything and if I become really good at something I would be successful. I have been told to find something I have a relentless interest for and success will eventually follow. I think the secret to success breaks down to "focus". To be the best at something in the world, you have to have the physical and mental capacity first. If you want to be the best business man/woman, you aren't born with the knowledge of business. You may have the attributes to be a great business person as you grow up, but the knowledge has to be learned. I feel the more you learn on the topic the better off you will be.

My goal is to be a great investor and businessman. How do I get there? I have determined that I have the physical and mental capacity to be one of the best. Step 1, complete. Step 2, obtain and gain knowledge in those areas. My knowledge comes from experiences in investing and business (both success and failures), talking to others and getting their opinions, building scenarios and possible outcomes, joining clubs and associations, and reading on the subject (books, blogs, audiobooks, podcasts, internet sites, seminars, studying for certifications, news stories, and following the advice of others who are great in the field or fields).

Never stop learning about your topic, to be the best you have to have the best, most accurate information from the past and present. The better your information, the better assessments you can make now and for the future. Focus on what you want to be and how you are going to get there and what you have to do. Constantly focus on the topic and dream about where you will be in the future. Don't get lazy, put time, effort and focus into it. Think about what you are doing and build a scenario on what someone else in the world is doing and compete against them. If you are not thinking about it at least once a day or at minimum most days out of the week, you probably will never be the best, because chances are someone else is thinking about it on a daily basis and acting on how to be the best.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Stock Market is the Worst in 80 Years

The stock market is going crazy. What am I doing about it? Standing strong and adding to my positions.

From CrossingWallStreet.com - The Worst Decade since the 1930s.

Bespoke points out that this decade has been one of the worst in history for stock returns:

Unless we get a major rally to close out the year (15%+), this will only be the third time since 1900 that the Dow Jones posted negative returns in the first nine years of a decade (excluding dividends).
I am adding to some of my positions and have put about 20% more money in the market, than I had previously, in the last few weeks. The US is in trouble, banks are failing, there is not very much credit available. People are scared and pulling their money out.

A bear market doesn't come around very often and this has been a big one so far. Big enough to be compared to the crash in the 1930s. I keep buying, my emotions are turned off and I am buying great companies on the cheap. The stocks I own are pretty risky but have solid balance sheets. They can hold on for a while and if and when we come out of this I hope to make a bundle. I am still young and can afford to lose some if it doesn't work out. I am not financing my investments by debt or by betting payments that I owe and have a cash reserve to cover me for a while in case things get really bad.

"Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy". - W. Buffett